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Here's a glimpse into my passion...


Jasleen Kaur



Podcast Host



Hi! My name is Jasleen Kaur and I am the founder of my advocacy-focused blog and podcast, AwareLife, while also taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief in my school's newspaper, Charger Press. I am currently a senior at Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin. 

I possess effective leadership, speaking, and writing abilities that enable me to connect my skills with my key interests in advocacy and social justice. Within my blog, podcast, and the school newspaper, I have written and discussed numerous issues having to do with equity and justice. My ability to convey ideas through written and verbal speech has been awarded and applauded time and time again.

When the honor of Editor-in-Chief was bestowed upon me, I was absolutely awe-struck. Writing has played such a key role in my life, but I had never realized that others saw my passion as well. This year, I was able to take on this role while having an independent study class for journalism with my advisor. I have heavily aided in audience engagement, drastically increasing our number of published articles per week and sending our articles to the Parent Press. Along with this, my work with my school's newspaper has helped me unlock a way to get my views out to a wider audience while also enabling staff writers to feel heard as well; every voice matters.

During my junior year, I started my blog and podcast, AwareLife. My hope with this was to keep readers informed on some of the many important events going on throughout the world. With a life full of hustle and bustle, it is easy to become uninformed about the world we live in. With AwareLife, I wanted to help others gain an overview of events and topics from a multitude of categories from the touch of their screen. This blog morphed into a podcast as well where I further discussed nuances of these wide ranges of topics using my public speaking skills and writing abilities in cooperation. 


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